Water Is Life

All life comes from water. So you will feel especially invigoratede here. First conquer a mountain (on foot or by cable car) and then plunge into one of the many wonderful lakes provided by the huge kingdom of water waiting in the mountains to cool weary hikers and bikers. The unbeatable combination of water-sun-mountains gives you a sense of well-being like no other – crystal clear, refreshing and health giving.

…..discover mountain peaks and 20 glittering mountains lakes by cable car:

– Stubnerkogel (1.097 – 2.230m)
– Schlossalm (843 – 2.050m)
– Graukogel (1.078 – 1.961m)
– Dorfgastein (873 – 2.033m)

And water rats find their mecca close by, in swimming pools at altitudes of more than 1.000 m:
– Felsenbad Gastein
– Thermentempel Bad Hofgastein
– Panoramabad Bellevue-Alm
– Solarbad
– Dorfgastein
РWasserwelt Amad̩