Cross Country Skiing in Bad Gastein

Whether alone draw classic tracks or together improve the condition while skating, the supreme discipline challenges us all!
100 km of easily accessible trails are waiting for you!

Our offer for cross-country skiers:

In cooperation with the cross-country sports school Gastein we organize for you with pleasure trainer lessons and top rental equipment.

The cross-country skiing vital points:

Univ. Doz. Dr. Peter Baumgartl, locates “a multitude of health bonus points” in cross-country skiing:
– Cross-country skiing makes slim: One hour cross-country skiing burns up
approx. 500 to 700 kcal – more than any other sport.
A well-thought-out training plan from our trainers – and
and many things literally become easier!
– Cross-country skiing brings movement into your life: Almost all muscles
of the body work simultaneously –
You train legs, arms, neck and back.
And the head becomes free…
– Cross-country skiing is good for the heart: Cross-country skiing promotes
without overstraining – the heart and the circulation!
Tip: The optimal pulse rate should be between 160
and 180 beats per minute minus age.
– Cross-country skiing keeps you young: Regular cross-country skiing is a
a fountain of youth. Just 30 minutes three times a week
three times a week will keep the cardiovascular system in shape.