Cross Country Skiing

For cross-country skiers we offer
Top equipment hire and organised training with the cross-country ski school in Gastein.

The joy of cross-country skiing
University Professor Dr. Peter Baumgartl lists the many health benefits of cross-country skiing:

– Cross-country skiing can help you slim down: one hour of
cross-country skiing burns 500 to 700 Kcal –
more than any other sport.
A training plan with our experts can help you reach your goal.
– Cross-country skiing gets you moving: nearly all of your body
muscles are working simultaneously –
it trains your arms, legs, neck and back.
And you can clear your head at the same time…
– Cross-country skiing for the heart: it is a workout
(but doesn’t overwork) your heart and circulation.
TIP your optimal pulse should be between 160 and
180 (minus your age) beats per minute.

– Cross-country skiing keeps you young:
regular cross-country skiing is anti-aging.
Just 3 times a week for 30 minutes works wonders!