5 reasons to love skiing in spring

The days are getting longer, the temperatures are rising and the spring sun warms the heart. Spring skiing is a completely different experience compared to skiing in January – less rough and somehow just more relaxed. A bath of light. Whether it’s on the pistes or later in your sun chair at aprés.


1. The special spring snow…

+ The velvety, sun-kissed ice-snow on the pistes makes the skiing so soft. It’s a totally new experience.

+ It’s no secret: in the past few years, the last few weeks of the season have often boasted the best conditions. Perfect conditions right up until the end of April, for beginners and off-piste heroes alike. Or for freestyle skiers, who simply love to land gently in the spring snow.


2. The sunbathing

+ A sun lounger, an incredible view before you and a pair on sunglasses on your nose. Maybe a refreshing drink to go with it? Just like on one of those elegant and cheerful advertising posters from the 50s. And of course, a perfectly blue sky to top it all off. That is what one can expect from a ski day in the spring.

+ Ideally one would sit there and wait for the sun to slowly sink below the back of the wonderful snow-capped peaks. The panorama, the mountains, the sun loungers – it’s all waiting for you here with us. All you have to remember is to pack the sunglasses. Although, not even that is necessary. We’ve got you covered.


3. More of everything

+ During the sunshine season everything is possible. Want to spend the mornings on the pistes and the afternoons in the spa? Or perhaps a lazy breakfast followed by a relaxed trip up the mountain? Doesn’t matter how, the chances are high that you will have the pistes totally to yourself.

+ The crazy winter onslaught is over. Enjoy the Gastein valley as it returns to it’s quieter and leisurely pace again. And after the spring skiing there’s always sooo much of the day left for more. Be it hiking, spa treatment, or exploring some of Bad Gastein’s secrets and discovering the amazing balancing act between urban beat, grand-hotel-grandure and that rustic mountain village feeling.


4. So many ways to unwind

+ Do you love massages? Or how about an invigorating yoga class in the morning with one of talented guest yoga teachers? Spring, more than any other time of year, is the time to enjoy such activities. Our dedicated spa team, teachers and guides enjoy more availability and time at this time of year, so they can help you with any of your individual wishes.

+ And because it’s good for the soul to shake of those winter blues. Not to mention, the great spa specials which are waiting for you.


5. Be there where nature awakens

+ Spring in the mountains is the time for rejuvenation. After a deep, cold mountain winter, mother nature makes its beautiful return. A wonder to behold! The spring light brings new energy. Those who indulge in a break now come back, in the truest sense of the word, a new person.